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Paraffin Treatment 

One of the best uses of paraffin wax is in softening tough or hard skin and increasing the skin's elasticity.

Paraffin wax is also a form of heat therapy for those facing arthritis and has also been shown to reduce joint pain and stiffness.

Includes a relaxing moisturising massage to complete this treatment. 

Purifying Back Ritual

A relaxing back treatment. to brighten and add clarity. Powerful exfoliation and natural clays work in harmony to reveal smoother, clearer skin. Targeted deep-tissue massage techniques deliver an intense blend of lavender and essential oils to dissolve muscle tension and ease the mind. 

Includes: a double cleanse, exfoliation, steam, and decongesting mask, followed by a deep tissue massage and moisturise

Paraffin hand treatment

Paraffin wax treatment and massage 

Hands $35 includes hand and arm massage

Feet $40 includes foot and calve message 

Back treatment

Purifying Back Ritual

45 mins $129 

Ance Back treatment nowra
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