Teeth Whitening

Some people's teeth will whiten faster and more effectively than others. Most will whiten by an average of 6 - 12 shades.

For the best results, you will benefit from a double treatment (40 minutes/ 2 trays). The darker the teeth are to begin with, the bigger the difference. People with teeth that look unnaturally white almost certainly have veneers! It is not possible to whiten natural teeth to 'Hollywood white' but it is possible to bring the teeth back to a pleasant natural whiter shade by removing the staining. It is important that you understand and are realistic about the likely effects of this product.


The non-hydrogen peroxide / non-carbamide peroxide cosmetic whitening treatment may be provided by both dentists and non-dentists.  

Offering Australians the opportunity to experience state of the art in-salon whitening technology using no peroxide! 

A common ingredient for home-whitening products is hydrogen peroxide or HP (either in this form or in the form of carbamide peroxide or CP). 

HP and CP are not ideal as they can cause significant (if temporary) sensitivity to the user and if applied to a damaged tooth can cause pain and potentially exacerbate any damage by aggravating the root and nerve 

The active whitening ingredient in our products is Sodium Bicarbonate or SB. 

SB is just as effective as HP and CP but it is gentler, meaning: 

    •    SB doesn’t cause the same level of sensitivity.

    •    SB doesn’t present the same kind of risks if inadvertently applied to a cracked or damaged tooth. 


Who is not suitable for this treatment? 

Pregnant or breast feeding women, those under 18 years of age, or those with epilepsy / untreated dental problems / periodontal disease are not suitable for teeth whitening. Please consult your dentist if you have any concerns with dental issues.

I have veneers. Is this suitable for me?

The whitening treatment also works on veneers, fillings and crowns, however will only restore them back to their original shade and will not make them any lighter than when fitted. It is possible that your natural teeth may turn out lighter than any implant or filling after the whitening treatment.


20 minute - Teeth Whitening treatment

6- 8 shades lighter 

Treatment Time 

30 mins

40 minute - Teeth Whitening treatment

 8-12 shades lighter 

Treatment Time 

30 mins

Take home maintenance kit 

We highly recommend that you maintain your results with our home whitening/maintenance kit as without maintenance your teeth will re-stain over time - you actually get to try all the products as part of your treatment.  

The Maintenance kit will last you 8-12 months and means that your teeth stay as white as the day you got them whitened (and you can actually whiten them further at home with your whitening pen) which is amazing to ensure your teeth are sparkling white everyday!